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2009 Senate Bill 315: Encourage certain school labor union lessons
  1. Introduced by Sen. John Gleason (D) on March 3, 2009, to encourage public middle and high schools to focus the content of any instruction about U.S. labor history on the establishment of the AFL, CIO, UAW and others; the 1936 “Flint Sitdown Strike;” Walter Reuther; the (presumably negative) effects of NAFTA; and more.
    • Referred to the Senate Education Committee on March 3, 2009.


Re: 2009 Senate Bill 315 (Encourage certain school labor union lessons )  by changeagent on March 18, 2009 

 jamangan, your view of history and economics is way off base.  You comment about robber barons rather than industrial leaders who put their capital to work and created jobs that ultimately brought the American standard of living up to the level it is today.  Sure some of the working conditions were not the best, but no one forced people to work those jobs, so why would they work there?  It must be because that was the best opportunity available for uneducated, unskilled workers. 

Then you comment that globalization is the reason the American auto industry has collapsed but you are wrong again.  Open trade between nations is the key to prosperity and restricting that trade in the past has caused huge suffering, including the great depression.  World War II reopened trade and thus, ended the depression.  Perhaps you should read some views on economics that oppose what you believe.  Henry Hazlitt's, Economics in One Lesson would be a good start.

Re: 2009 Senate Bill 315 (Encourage certain school labor union lessons )  by who cares on March 17, 2009 


Why don’t you mandate that the PUBLIC schools teach students about the mandatory MEA dues that MUST be paid (or the relative same level of "other fees" you still MUST pay if you try to opt out of the UNION) in order to work in the PUBLIC schools - in any job.

Teach about how the STATE mandates by law a retirement fund for every public school worker to the extent that the PUBLIC schools are now privatizing support services so they don’t have to pay for the retirements of the lowly PUBLIC Schools employees. (There is no retirement fund necessary when they terminate the Public School employees- was that the intent of the law when it was created- to eliminate public service jobs? How anti- Democrat. )

Teach that the MEA does not represent ALL of the PUBLIC school employees but is more than willing to TAKE the money from ALL the PUBLIC School employees to finance the many jobs in the UNION’s structure and the UNION’s inequitable representation of it’s members.


Public School support services personnel are increasingly losing JOBS, health, dental, and vision insurance coverage, sick days, vacation days, holidays, snow days AND hourly pay in Michigan. These Michigan citizens only make $20,000 or less a year to begin with (less GOVERNMENT taxes and UNION Dues of course.) What’s the poverty level of income? Can people working for poverty level wages afford health care? How much room is left on MIChild? I guess we’ll find out!

The TOTAL compensation is what made these public service jobs desirable and viable. SOME of these PUBLIC service jobs are even considered ineligible by school law from unemployment during the summer even though they don’t qualify under the definition of "seasonal worker" under other labor laws and it is proposed that all of these lowly jobs will be ineligible for unemployment during the summer EVEN if they are PRIVATIZED! (Try pulling that one over on the UAW!).

Why not make it so that anyone in the state that works less than 12 full months a year is a seasonal worker? How does the UAW get away with milking the unemployment fund for INDUSTRY-driven shutdowns? The UIA even set up temporary offices in the past on auto industry properties so that they could ease the burden of the UAW employees in applying for two weeks of unemployment! But public school employees have to SAVE 2 month’s worth of their $16,000 net income to get through the lean unpaid summer months.

Why not take the benefits, especially retirement, from ALL public employees including all the tenured teachers and politicians. Now that would be fair! (However un-American - it’s not only AIG that’s inflicted with PIG)

Why not scrap the busses and have the teachers teach students to teach their parents to drive them to school and to pack their lunches! Hey teachers...who is next when there isn’t any more support services to cut? Thanks for your support!

Bye Michigan! You can keep the house!

Re: 2009 Senate Bill 315 (Encourage certain school labor union lessons )  by uber-liberal on March 6, 2009 

tell me, jman.

why are vehicles made in tennessee, in a non-union plant selling better and faster than all the vehicles made in detroit in three union factories?

henry ford globalized in 1916, when he and harvey firestone bought a rubber plantation in south america. ford globalized again in 1922, when it bought the lotus plant and started producing cars there. all the auto makers globalized again in 1935, when they started making bendix brake parts standard on all models. bendix was a german company at that time. it made things pretty sticky during the second world war.

chrysler/mopar globalized in 1933, when it bought spark plugs and electrical parts from bosch, another german company.

all these moves cost american auto worker's jobs. all are part of history. the unions were, and still are, powerless to stop globalization. they are also powerless to do anything except collect money for something they will never be able to deliver in today's or any day's  economy, job security. 


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