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2009 House Bill 4229: Give ex-legislators funeral benefits
  1. Introduced by Rep. Fred Durhal, Jr. (D) on February 11, 2009, to create a new law called the "Legislative Funeral Act." As introduced the bill would require the state to give at government expense a state flag to the survivor of an ex-legislator who dies, and provide a state police escort at the funeral. The bill is co-sponsored by Reps. Bettie Scott, Bert Johnson, Shanelle Jackson, Womack, Coleman Young, Jones, Schmidt, Hansen, LeBlanc, Constan, Cushingberry, Spade, Tlaib, Genetski, Haines, Green, McMillin, Marie Donigan.
    • Referred to the House Government Operations Committee on February 11, 2009.


Re: 2009 House Bill 4229 (Give ex-legislators funeral benefits)  by moralmatters.org on May 17, 2009 

Sadly and pathetically this “House Bill 4229,” was introduced by Representative Fred Durhal, a Democrat from Detroit.  In short, this law, if passed, would suck more of the taxpayers’ hard earned money and pay for unneeded State Police escorts at the scene of a deceased politician’s funeral.  It isn’t enough that politicians while alive, cause financial grief for the taxpayer.  Now, they have found a way to stick it to the general public even after they have finally passed on! 

I firmly believe that our Michigan legislatures are paid enough for their "services."  They rank towards the top paid politicians in the country.  Their benefits, I am sure rank better than most in the private sector.  This bill illustrates the arrogance of politicians to keep extorting from the very people who fund their livelihoods.  It is an insult to Michigan taxpayers, forcing them to keep shelling out their tax monies when this state needs to balance its budget. 

Re: 2009 House Bill 4229 (Give ex-legislators funeral benefits)  by bestgaffer on April 5, 2009 

Our legislators are the 2nd highest paid in the country.  They receive more than $79,000/yr plus $12,000 expense money that does not have to be itemized or approved.  They can get (and usually do) a raise each year simply by not voting against it.  They work less than 100 days a year.  After working six years they receive a very healthy pension and health care for life.  What a deal.  Why would I want to pay for a state flag for that?  Or a police excort at my expense?  This should be a civic duty occupation on a part time basis like the rest of the country.  We are one of a handful of states that have full time legislators.  Complain about what auto workers make?  Try figuring the hourly wage of our legislators.

Re: 2009 House Bill 4229 (Give ex-legislators funeral benefits)  by bugman on March 21, 2009 

 they wouldn't be the brunt of the abuse if they didn't deserve it. if you think they deserve a flag and a police escort, pay for it. don't force others to.

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