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2008 House Bill 6551: Authorize state gas purchase stipend for all residents
  1. Introduced by Rep. Kenneth Horn (R) on October 15, 2008, to authorize a refundable income tax credit worth $150 for a single filer ($300 for a joint filer) for the purchase of gasoline. Essentially, the bill authorizes a state stipend to residents who buy gasoline.
    • Referred to the House Tax Policy Committee on October 15, 2008.


re: Spread the wealth, man!  by Anonymous Citizen on November 6, 2008 
Yeah, I'm having a hard time adjusting to the coming socialism of the chosen one. These are indeed bleak scary times for our country. Guess I'm gonna have to quit, sell the business and start sitting around drinkin' 40's and collecting my gubmint money. Hard to believe we have so many ignorant kool aid drinkers here that could be taken in by a smooth talking used car salesman.

Spread the wealth, man!  by Anonymous Citizen on November 6, 2008 
We are not a collection of individuals, don't you get it? :makes insect-like buzzing noise:

NO!  by Anonymous Citizen on November 4, 2008 
"all the people that don't file income taxes with the state shouldent they get a rebate"

If you don't pay taxes then a "rebate" is a welfare check. You sound like you went to the same economics class as b. hussein obama.

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