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2008 Senate Bill 1437: Regulate flag pole construction
  1. Introduced by Sen. Gilda Jacobs (D) on June 27, 2008, to extend state regulations on public playground equipment to include flagpoles, and require public flagpoles to be made of aluminum or a material that is considered by the industry to be high strength and lightweight material. The bill is introduced following the recent death of a child when a flag pole fell on her in a wind storm.
    • Referred to the Senate Education Committee on June 27, 2008.


GOOD GRIEF  by Anonymous Citizen on July 4, 2008 
A single incident in all the history of flying flags on schoolgrounds in Michigan does not call for a $%^&@! law! The sky is not falling. The other poles are OK... I checked!

Sorry, was getting a bit facetious there. But everything is not a crisis. Lansing is regulating everyday life to the point of absurdity. Stop it already!

2008 Senate Bill 1437 (Regulate flag pole construction )  by admin on January 1, 2001 
Introduced in the Senate on June 27, 2008

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