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2008 House Bill 5912: Mandate homeschool parents register family’s name with public school authorities
  1. Introduced by Rep. Brenda Clack (D) on March 19, 2008, to require the parents of children who are homeschooled to submit the local school intermediate school district at the beginning of each year the name and age of each child who is being educated in the home, and the name and address of each parent or legal guardian.
    • Referred to the House Education Committee on March 19, 2008.


Re: Save the Children  by crazycajun on December 11, 2008 

[quote user="Anonymous Citizen"]This is a good step in attempting to help the children who are not getting educated to the level of public schooling. Several famalies I know have children at the middle school ages and, cannot read or write as well as a 3rd grader in the public schools. Annual testing similar to Minnesota would be a great step to save these kids.[/quote]


i know SEVERAL homeschooled kids, and all of them KNOW HOW TO SPELL FAMILIES. i know ONE publicly educated graduate who DOESN'T.

ain't that amazing...... 

Re: Resonse to Accountability???  by crazycajun on December 10, 2008 

 sounds like we have another michigander against homeschooling simply because it's popular here to be against homeschooling.

they seem to equate putting kids into public indoctrination centers with "PROTECTING THE CHILDREN". by the way, where was all that protection when they GRADUATED all those people who can't read at a sixth grade level, i've met hundreds of them.

Resonse to Accountability???  by Anonymous Citizen on November 17, 2008 
Currently there are no legal rights for Michigan's child protective services or for the truancy officers in Michigan. I have a niece and a nephew who are being denied an education by their parents because they simply don't care if their children succeed in life or not. Hard to believe, I know! My niece is supposed to be at a 6th grade level in school and her reading level now is at the 1st grade level. Her parents have been "home-schooling" for years while the rest of the family figured they weren't. Some bill must be passed in Michigan to protect all the children out there who are being neglected by their parents.

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