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2008 Senate Bill 1208: Establish official state "Scottish Tartan"
  1. Introduced by Sen. Glenn Anderson (D) on March 13, 2008, to esatblish that henceforth and forever more (or at least until a future legislature and governor see fit to declare otherwise), the official Scottish tartan of the great state of Michigan shall be the one described by the Scottish hand weavers and textile designers "thread count" denoted by the phrase "BG18* W2 BG8 W2 T8 DG2 T4 DG24 DR4 DG4*," where the symbol "*" denotes 1/2 the total threads at the turning points. The bill is cosponsored by Senators John Gleason, Michael Prusi, Martha Scott, Deborah Cherry, Dennis Olshove, Michael Switalski, Raymond Basham, and Patricia Birkholz.
    • Referred to the Senate Local, Urban, & State Affairs Committee on March 13, 2008.


Agreed!  by Anonymous Citizen on March 31, 2008 
Many many miles apart!

it's going to look pretty  by Anonymous Citizen on March 29, 2008 
funny with all those polish guys wearing those kilt thingies...

talk about your clan wars...

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