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2008 Senate Bill 1138: Require headlights on all the time
  1. Introduced by Sen. Michael Prusi (D) on February 27, 2008, to require the use of vehicle headlights at all times when driving.
    • Referred to the Senate Transportation Committee on February 27, 2008.


Re: 2008 Senate Bill 1138 (Require headlights on all the time )  by crazycajun on January 8, 2009 

 do we get to force POLICE CARS to keep their flashing lights on at all times too? we need to see where they are on the road as well.

they put those lights on there for a reason. why not make them use them like we have to use our headlights?

both ideas are equally silly, but, while we are being silly, we may as well be EQUALLY SILLY TO ALL PARTIES INVOLVED.

now then, silliness over.. for the time being. at least untill they come up with another silly piece of legislation.

Re: 2008 Senate Bill 1138 (Require headlights on all the time )  by West Branch on January 7, 2009 


I have always thought that having headlights on all the time would be the very best thing.  People now drive around in the morning or late afternoon without their light on.  Just because a person can see does not mean that you can be seen by the other drivers.  As we all know a lot of our side and back windows are somewhat tinted also.  So this makes it hard at time to even know that you have a person driving behind you.  Also, a lot of the vehicle now-a-days have lights on when you start up your car.  Some of the little bit older ones just have the headlights on and no taillights which kind of defeats the purpose. 


I live up here in the "snow belt" and you would be supprised to see how many people don't turn on their headlights when it is snowing.  You are driving and all of a sudden there is a car right in front of you, or coming towards you.  Please pass this law.  Thank you.

It's A Safety Thing  by Anonymous Citizen on March 9, 2008 

Even the I-don't-need-no-stinkin'-helmet motorcycle crowd recognizes the value of running with lights on during the daytime. It helps ensure you'll be seen by other drivers on the road.

The lights on for safety idea has been around for 40 years or more, at least. It's a good idea that almost certainly prevents some accidents when practiced.

But, just as I believe wearing seat belts is a smart, rational thing to do, I don't believe the state should mandate it. So I don't believe the state should mandate running with headlights at all times.

A more reasonable thing might be to require headlights (and tailllights) during periods of low visibility. Some states, for example, require headlights to be on whenever windshield wipers are being used.

(signed) A Conservative Taxpayer For Responsible Government

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