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2008 House Bill 5758: Require state to pay for Detroit school elections
  1. Introduced by Rep. LaMar Lemmons, Jr. (D) on February 19, 2008, to require state taxpayers to pay the cost of Detroit school elections.
    • Referred to the House Intergovernmental, Urban And Regional Affairs Committee on February 19, 2008.


Detroit School Elections  by Anonymous Citizen on November 11, 2008 
Requiring state taxpayers to pay the cost of Detroit school elections does not encourage the Detroit School board to be accountable for their actions. It does not seem reasonable to require those who have no voice or vote in the Detroit school elections to pay for them. Michigan taxpayers outside the Detroit school system would receive little, if any, return on their investment.

Wow  by Anonymous Citizen on March 10, 2008 
Now I've heard it all!

Let the Suburbs control the Detroit Water Department then we can work out a deal!

WHAT?  by Andrea on February 20, 2008 
The last I heard Detroit has a city tax that should cover their own private costs!!!

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