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2008 Senate Bill 1087: Impose restrictions on citizen’s initiative signature gathering
  1. Introduced by Sen. Mark Jansen (R) on February 12, 2008, to require circulators of petitions placing Constitutional amendments, initiated laws, or referendums on the ballot, to live in the jurisdiction where the signatures are collected. In other words, a person would be prohibited from gathering signatures outside the community in which he or she resides. The bill would also require the Secretary of State to certify and distribute a proposed Constitutional amendment initiative or other special question at least 60 days, rather than 49 days, before an election. See also Senate Joint Resolution K.
    • Referred to the Senate Campaign & Election Oversight Committee on February 12, 2008.
      • Reported in the Senate on April 22, 2008, With the recommendation that the substitute (S-4) be adopted and that the bill then pass.


yeah, let's throw those  by Anonymous Citizen on April 24, 2008 
know nothing new york liberal union bosses right out of michigan.

let's run those left leaning out of town democrat political lobbyists trying to remove our rights and freedoms out on a rail.

while we are at it, let's send that neo-communist sorry excuse for a governor back to canada.

Excellent Idea  by Anonymous Citizen on April 24, 2008 

Down and out with the Carpetbaggers!

if you have to keep  by Anonymous Citizen on April 24, 2008 
repeating it, mr. liberal, that means that the REAL CONSERVATIVES didn't agree with you the first twenty times you said it, and they STILL don't agree with you now.

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