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2008 House Bill 5628: Mandate skiers and snowboarders wear helmet
  1. Introduced by Rep. Bob Constan (D) on January 17, 2008, to mandate that downhill skiers and snowboarders must wear a helmet while on the slopes, subject to a $100 fine.
    • Referred to the House Natural Resources, Tourism, and Outdoor Recreation Committee on January 17, 2008.


Re: 2008 House Bill 5628 (Mandate skiers and snowboarders wear helmet )  by crazycajun on January 12, 2009 

 obviously, our legislators have SOLVED all of our state's problems, and have now moved on to littler, and less important things...

or is this how they occupy their time, wheedling away our rights?

this shows a lack of respect for the citizens, and a mindset that if a citizen gets hurt, it's the GOVERNMENTS JOB to pay for it.


Re: 2008 House Bill 5628 (Mandate skiers and snowboarders wear helmet )  by tensace on December 29, 2008 

[quote user="admin"]Introduced in the House on January 17, 2008

Click here to view bill details.[/quote]
Kill this nanny state bill now.  With all the crap wrong with our state this shouldn't even be on the radar screen.  Needless, unwarranted, meddlesome tripe providing yet another reason for Midwest skiers to look to states other than Michigan.  I'll be the first to pass on skiing in my life long state, having begun at age 4--51 years without incident.  You want a helmet.  Wear one. On YOUR head.

wow  by Anonymous Citizen on November 20, 2008 
that is your choice not mine. you are a douche bag.

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