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2007 Senate Bill 892: Mandate driver’s ed recycling message
  1. Introduced by Sen. Cameron Brown (R) on November 8, 2007, to mandate that drivers education courses include state-approved material expressing a belief in “the importance of recycling,” and containing information on “opportunities to support statewide recycling efforts,” as well as an antilitter message.
    • Referred to the Senate Natural Resources & Environmental Affairs Committee on November 8, 2007.


How About We  by Anonymous Citizen on November 19, 2007 
teach them how to rake my leaves? They're starting to pile up and I could use the help.

It would be great  by Anonymous Citizen on November 16, 2007 
if they could start by teaching them to drive! Driver's Ed is a joke. Many parents send their kids out on the road without even know what a slippery road is like.

his job???  by Anonymous Citizen on November 15, 2007 
its drivers ed and they do a poor job at teaching that. This is one of the worst idea so far, he should get a pay raise for this. But it is important that we recycle after all we need the room to keep taking all the Canadian garbage. This is why I tried to stop reading this email. It just discussed me to think someone like this is in office.

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