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2007 House Bill 4454: Make Michigan a "right to work" state
  1. Introduced by Rep. Jacob Hoogendyk, Jr. (R) on March 13, 2007, to prohibit compelling an employee or prospective employee to join or financially support a union as a condition of employment. This and House Bill 4455 would make Michigan a "right to work" state.
    • Referred to the House Labor Committee on March 13, 2007.


Re: 2007 House Bill 4454 (Make Michigan a "right to work" state )  by Marine1234 on October 16, 2010 

 Right to work states, to me it is not a right to work. It is more  a right for the company that you work for to take advantage of its employees. In Va. they say that the Company does not have to have a reason to fire you. They can just let you go without any reason. I think that is crazy. You can ruin a persons life by doing this. It does not give people more of an opportunity to start their own business. More people do work like tree services and land scaping. I think it only helps the companies doing business in these states.Unemployment rates are lower because the real facts aren't being told. I live in Va. and I see a lot of people struggleing these days. Yes, Va is the tax capitol of the of the world. You would think that they were still paying the king of England. They tax your cars boats and tractors. They tax food, and everthing else. I think that they should be called the state of taxes, thats a good nickname!!!! People also complain about all of the Central Americans being here; but they still use them for cheap labor. Taking advantage of the people. Seems to me they want it both ways. Most companies are always crying poor, thats a crock. They give you a review whenever they fill like it, if at all. Great Right to Work States. Its only for the business, not the poeple breaking their backs.

the south is full of  by Anonymous Citizen on December 27, 2007 
right to work states.

where are you going to go now?

Give Me a Break!  by Anonymous Citizen on December 26, 2007 
Michigan workers don't care if House Bill 4454 (Make Michigan a "right to work" state )passes or fails, because unions haven't had any real power in the state of Michigan for years now. This is just one more excuse for corporations to take benefits and compensations from employees, or fire and hire employess for higher profits and avoid any Civil Rights Act or Fair Labor law issues. This is just one more good reason to pack my things,foreclose on my house and move south next year.. because job security no longer exist in this state. Instead of doing something about Michigan's single state recession, high unemployement rate, rising gas prices, higher taxes,and our failing health care system - our government officials are busy developing new ways to put more hard working Michigan workers "out of work", deeper in debt, and on welfare.

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