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2007 Senate Bill 109: Prohibit allowing smoking in private workplace or restaurant
  1. Introduced by Sen. Ray Basham (D) on January 30, 2007, to prohibit a business owner from choosing to allow smoking in his or her establishment, and to prohibit a restaurant owner from choosing to allow smoking in his or her establishment.
    • Referred to the Senate Economic Development and Regulatory Reform Committee on January 30, 2007.


Re: yes, there is..  by crazycajun on December 2, 2008 

[quote user="Anonymous Citizen"]a single one, verifiable of course, will do nicely. until you can produce a list, even a VERIFIABLE LIST OF ONE, your myth is just that... myth.[/quote] 

out of three thousand deaths last year, and (supposedly) that many EVERY year, the list of those listed OFFICIALLY as dying of second hand smoke is still officially ZERO.

ONE woman died when she went into work, (a place she worked for YEARS, BY THE WAY,) and fell over dead from asthma.

the autopsy lists ASTHMA as the cause of death. it can't list cigarette smoke as the primary "irritant" that caused her death, as she was exposed to that same irritant daily for years. now, they don't list which tree pollens, dust mites, or OTHER irritant sparked her deadly attack, but then, i'm sure they never checked for any of those.

you keep listing asthma as a primary motivator of your actions. asthma is an ALLERGIC REACTION to CERTAIN IRRITANTS. if you have an allergy, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO AVOID THOSE IRRITANTS, not ours. if i'm allergic to poison ivy, i'm certainly not going to INTENTIONALLY EXPOSE MYSELF TO IT. to do so would be STUPID. but on that same note, i'm not going to take away the rights of anyone else to wander through the woods ON THE CHANCE THAT THEY WILL BE ALLERGIC TO POISON IVY TOO.

the rights you are seeking to 'PROTECT' are not yours, they are your son's, and your son needs to exercise his responsibility as a 'special needs' citizen, and you have to exercise YOUR responsibility as a 'special needs' parent. the words RESPONSIBILITY is notably absent from your rants.

Re: why is it that  by crazycajun on December 2, 2008 

 i've scoured the internet, and i still can't find one person who is listed as OFFICIALLY DYING OF SECOND HAND SMOKE. that's amazing, with thousands of SECOND HAND SMOKE DEATHS PER YEAR, you 'd think that AT LEAST ONE OF THEM WOULD LIST SECOND HAND SMOKE AS THE CAUSE OF DEATH.

why don't they want to do that i wonder?

Re: My safety?  by crazycajun on December 2, 2008 

[quote user="Anonymous Citizen"]What a shame you can't see beyond your own addiction

<which addiction is that?  i don't smoke, but i do believe in freedom for those who CHOOSE TO SMOKE, even if it hurts them.>

 Smoking kills people. That's indisputable.

<so does overeating, so does driving, what's your point?> 

 It also exacerbates asthma, bronchitis and other obstructive diseases. Almost all emphysema patients on oxygen got there thanks to smoking.

<so you want to take away their FREEDOM because of that?>,

 It's not just about you and some smart ass comment you can make anonymously.

<no,  it's about YOU exerting control over ME anonymously.>

 Families who have children with asthma have to make choices whether or not to eat in restaurants.

<yes, they DO get to EXERCISE THEIR FREEDOM OF CHOICE. i'm not going to do it for them, but you will try.>

 If my kid goes into a smokey environment, he ends up on steroids and taking breathing treatments within a few days.

<oh, so he doesn't INSTANTLY DIE?  i thought you said it was dangerous. did you smoke to give him asthma? does he smoke? you never did say. how did he get this breathing disease if someone around him didn't smoke?>

 Needless to say, we don't dine out often. Try to get a clue. All I want is the ability to take my family to a restaurant and not worry about my son's ability to breathe air and live.

<no, you want the right to take your family to EVERY restaraunt and not worry about your son's ability to breathe air and live. your child has SPECIAL NEEDS, and it's up to YOU to accomodate them, not the rest of the world.>

 If you want to stay addicted to cigarettes, that's your right as an American.

<so, why do you want to take away SMOKER'S RIGHTS?>

 Once it infringes on my rights or the rights of my children, you've lost my support.

<my rights aren't given by you and they can't be taken away by you either. you have plenty of rights, like the right to NOT GO INTO SMOKY BARS WITH YOUR SON. and the right to CHOOSE NOT TO SMOKE. and the right to SPEAK YOUR MIND, but you DO NOT have the RIGHT TO TAKE AWAY MY RIGHTS. PERIOD.>

 If you can't go 30-60 minutes without smoking, you should seek help for your profound addiction.[/quote]

<if you cannot go one day without taking away someone's rights, you should seek help for your profound psychoses.> 

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