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2006 Senate Bill 1031: Impose entertainment ticket tax
  1. Introduced by Sen. Shirley Johnson (R) on February 7, 2006, to impose a 5 percent tax on tickets or admission fees to zoos, live theater shows, museums, the opera, professional sporting events, collegiate athletic events, concerts, temporary or transient entertainment productions, botanical gardens, amusement parks, and temporary or transient art, music, theatrical, dance, literary, or cultural festivals. The first $30 million collected from the ticket tax would be redistributed by a government arts and culture council to projects selected by its members. The next $10 million would be spent to develop and promote professional sporting events and concerts. The next $5 million would go to specified cultural facilities, and the next $5 million would be given to art education programs in schools. Additional money would be divided among the first three categories above.
    • Referred to the Senate Finance Committee on February 7, 2006.


Re: 2006 Senate Bill 1031 (Impose entertainment ticket tax )  by admin on May 14, 2012 
It`s an interesting idea but this means we will have to pay more for admission fees to zoos, live theater shows, museums, the opera, music, theatrical, dance, literary, or cultural festivals. There are not so many people that visit museums or opera and after applying a 5% tax the prices will rise and fewer people will come. I took my daughter to all the main events that took place in the city and now she is making a documentary film with the help of video production New York, she is very talented and received some help from our local authorities. They should allocate more money for such things but instead they want to impose a 5% tax...

oh shirley........  by Anonymous Citizen on August 22, 2007 
how's about you take a 25,000 a year job, make the rent/house payment, pay 45 bucks gas a week, food, clothing, pay all the utilities, insurance, etc, and when you have a few bucks left at the end of the week, pay some more to your state government for the priviledge of taking in a matinee movie because the evening show costs more. you are an absolute tool, ass clown, self righteous pork politician who thinks because the state can't keep jobs here, it is right to make those who are left pay more. i worked for a company that refused to hire more people to replace those who quit and simply made those who were dumb enough to stay work longer hours. guess what? i quit that job. you will continue to make people leave this state because of your draconian tax ideas. then what?? figure out what else you can tax?? go to hell shirley, and take your fellow politicians who think like you with ya.

What a dumb idea.  by Anonymous Citizen on June 25, 2007 
What are they gonna tax next? The use of too many toilet paper squares? This is just getting rediculous.

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