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2005 Senate Bill 56: Move teachers to state health insurance
  1. Introduced by Sen. Shirley Johnson (R) on January 25, 2005, to prohibit collective bargaining between school employers and employees over health insurance. Instead, school employees would be covered by the state plan proposed by Senate Bill 55. Slightly more than half of Michigan teachers are currently covered by MESSA, an arm of the Michigan Education Association teachers union, which repackages Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance, collects premiums, and administers benefits. Most other teachers are covered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield without MESSA involvement.
    • Referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee on January 25, 2005.


Re: MESSA is the problem  by gypsy on December 12, 2011 

The taxpayers are the employers of the union teachers. The unions are and have been more than willing to work within budget constraints.

Re: MESSA is the problem  by TaterSalad on December 11, 2011 


The real problem with Public Unions is that the Union leaders during tough and lean times when the tax payers are tapped out themselves will "only" except lay-offs as a means to balance their towns, cities, states governments.


This places the taxpayers who are the providers and funders of these public union employees through tax collections which brings risk and safety issues when the fireman and police are laid off instead of taking less in wages and/or benefits to balance their cities or townships budgets.  Putting the homeowners/taxpayers at risk by the Unions "only lay-off policies" is wrong and immoral.


Union leaders to their constituents:  "Keep them dues coming"!..............

Amen, they don't get FREE health care  by Anonymous Citizen on July 9, 2008 
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