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2014 House Bill 5721: Increase dangerous dog restrictions
Introduced by Rep. Sean McCann (D) on August 13, 2014
To establish more stringent procedures and remedies that a court may order for the owner of a “dangerous dog” or “potentially dangerous dog” as defined in the bill, including potential destruction of the animal. The court could also impose public disclosure, property posting, and animal confinement or tethering mandates on the owner; require $100,000 in liability insurance; and more. An owner who failed to comply with these conditions would be subject to up to four years in prison. Current law already authorizes manslaughter charges against the owner of a dog who kills a person. The bill was introduced after two dangerous dogs running lose killed a jogger in a rural area of Wayne County; that owner has been charged with murder.   Official Text and Analysis.
Referred to the House Criminal Justice Committee on August 13, 2014