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2014 Senate Bill 987: Suspend victim restitution if victim is juvenile offender's parents
  1. Introduced by Sen. John Pappageorge (R) on June 11, 2014, to revise a law requiring parents of a juvenile delinquent from paying restitution to the victim of the juvenile’s crime if the parents were themselves the victim.
    • Referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 11, 2014.
      • Reported in the Senate on September 18, 2014, with the recommendation that the bill pass.
  2. Passed 36 to 0 in the Senate on October 1, 2014.
    Who Voted "Yes" and Who Voted "No"

  3. Received in the House on October 2, 2014.
    • Referred to the House Judiciary Committee on October 2, 2014.