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2014 House Bill 5513: Expand mobile home court environmental regulation
  1. Introduced by Rep. Andy Schor (D) on May 1, 2014, to expand the jurisdiction of the Department of Environmental Quality over mobile home parks; impose new licensure conditions; require the state "Manufactured Housing Commission" to notify local governments of any complaints from residents; impose a performance bond mandate on mobile home park owners; impose an annual inspection mandate; authorize placing a park under court-ordered receivership if conditions threaten residents' health and safety; and more.
    • Referred to the House Regulatory Reform Committee on May 1, 2014.
      • Reported in the House on September 30, 2014, with the recommendation that the substitute (H-3) be adopted and that the bill then pass.
  2. Passed 106 to 0 in the House on November 13, 2014.
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