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2010 House Bill 6330: Authorize “good time” off sentences for prisoners
  1. Introduced by Rep. Alma Smith (D) on July 21, 2010, to authorize five days-per-month time off his or her sentence for good behavior by prisoners with single, fixed terms of imprisonment.
    • Referred to the House Judiciary Committee on July 21, 2010.


Re: 2010 House Bill 6330 (Authorize “good time” off sentences for prisoners )  by mezzymeister on October 26, 2011 

 I cannot find the house bill 6330, anyways I believe good time needs to come back. It is easy for anyone that doesn't have a loved one locked to say they deserve what they get but when you find yourself in the situation of a loved one locked up you when then why it is so important to the ones that currently going through it. It can happen to anyone. I pray to the dear lord above that the good time comes back. Also my husband got charged with armed robbery with absolutely no evidence. What ever happened to innocent til proven guilty. It is wrong to charge someone with something when there is no evidence and just goes by word of mouth. I have been told in the past that the devil works in deguise and I believe it now, government needs to open their hearts and see the good in alot of these inmates and give them the goodtime they deserve and also drop charges when there was never no evidence.

Re: 2010 House Bill 6330 (Authorize “good time” off sentences for prisoners )  by ashley49505 on June 12, 2011 

 So does this mean they have brought good time back I really hope they have???

Re: 2010 House Bill 6330 (Authorize “good time” off sentences for prisoners )  by casinowoman047 on May 16, 2011 

 As an ex-felon I can tell you that you know absolutely nothing about sentencing guidelines!  Those guidelines are used any way  that the PROBATION DEPARTMENT wants to use the numbers!!  It is the probation department that figures those numbers.  I have seen it happen where two different people, that did the same crime, it was their first time, and because the probation officer didn't like the way one sat in her chair, she got twice the time as the other.  Guidelines and  truth-in-sentencing are HUGE errors.  People make mistakes.  The criminal and the person deciding the criminals life.  Numbers have nothing to do with humans.  

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