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2010 Senate Bill 1148: Cap teacher and school superintendent pay
  1. Introduced by Sen. Bruce Patterson (R) on February 23, 2010, to prohibit school districts from paying teachers more than state legislators are paid (currently $79,650 per year) and prohibit district superintendent compensation that is more than 75 percent of what the governor gets paid.
    • Referred to the Senate Education Committee on February 23, 2010.


Re: 2010 Senate Bill 1148 (Cap teacher and school superintendent pay )  by timetothink on March 3, 2010 

These legislatures are part time workers.  That is a steep pay for part time work wouldn't you say?  Don't the legislatures get their pay for the rest of their life?  Teachers are there every day- 5 days a week- for 9 months of course unless they are sick.  Some teachers (NOT ALL) stay well after the hour of 3 pm and do hours of work at home.  The teachers do not get their salary for the rest of their life.  The do get a nice retirment and what is wrong with that as they are teaching future voters for America.  HOPEFULLY THE FUTURE VOTERS WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE and be well informed as to what people who are running do prior to them entering into the office for the people.

Re: 2010 Senate Bill 1148 (Cap teacher and school superintendent pay )  by Dilber on March 3, 2010 

 This bill could  have the opposite effect of what the author is trying to accomplish! Teachers unions may support pay increases for elected officials in order to get higher wages for themselves.

Further, what happepens if we, as we should, cut legislators pay in half? Would teachers also have to take a pay cut? There should  be relationip between elected officials pay any the pay of any other workers.  

Re: 2010 Senate Bill 1148 (Cap teacher and school superintendent pay )  by jimmytyc on March 3, 2010 

 Perhaps Mr. Patterson should come down to reality.  He must be from outstate.

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