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2012 Senate Concurrent Resolution 28: To memorialize Congress to fund the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) at Michigan State University to its full scheduled appropriation level
  1. Introduced by Sen. Rick Jones (R) on February 22, 2012.   Full Text and Analysis.
    • Referred to the Senate Energy and Technology Committee on February 22, 2012.
    1. Passed 38 to 0 in the Senate on March 21, 2012.
      See who Voted "Yes" and Who Voted "No"
  2. Received in the House on March 22, 2012.
    • Referred to the House Energy and Technology Committee on March 22, 2012.
      • Reported in the House on April 17, 2012, with the recommendation that the concurrent resolution be adopted.
    1. Passed by voice vote in the House on May 3, 2012.