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2012 Senate Bill 919: Increase state vehicle registration tax
  1. Introduced by Sen. Roger Kahn (R) on January 26, 2012, to increase the state vehicle registration tax by 67 percent. The tax is levied based on the weight of commercial trucks, and on the “list price” of cars. (For example, the annual tax on a car with a $20,000 list price would go from $103 to $172.). The weight-based levy on trucks would increase by 25 percent. This would extract approximately $500 million more from motorists each year. The bill would distribute a greater proportion of the increased road funding to heavily-traveled “commercial corridor” roads rather than less-traveled rural roads. This is part of Gov. Rick Snyder’s road and transit tax proposal.   Full Text and Analysis.
    • Referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee on January 26, 2012.