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2011 House Joint Resolution N: Eliminate Civil Service Commission
  1. Introduced by Rep. Marty Knollenberg (R) on March 1, 2011, to place before voters in the next general election a Constitutional amendment to eliminate the state Civil Service Commission. The CSC has the responsibility for overseeing the state's workforce and setting job descriptions, duties and compensation.
    • Referred to the House Oversight, Reform, and Ethics Committee on March 1, 2011.


Re: 2011 House Joint Resolution N (Eliminate Civil Service Commission)  by dbrown on March 3, 2011 

 I can see no good reason to eliminate the Civil Service Commission, The  guide lines that they have establish are invaluable. and should be more widely used.

2011 House Joint Resolution N (Eliminate Civil Service Commission)  by admin on January 1, 2001 
Introduced in the House on March 1, 2011

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