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2010 House Bill 6180: Create "uncompleted subdivision" renaissance tax break zones
  1. Introduced by Rep. Jim Slezak (D) on May 18, 2010, to authorize the extensive tax breaks and exemptions of a “renaissance zone” for up to 10 particular subdivisions started before the subprime/housing crash, that benefited from a local property tax special assessment levied to pay debt service on money borrowed by the local government to build infrastructure for the subdivision, and which now are only 20 percent completed. “Renaissance zone” status means that businesses and individuals within the zone are essentially exempt from all state and local taxes. See also House Bill 6181, which creates a state revolving loan fund to bail out the indebted local governments that aren't collecting the special assessment revenue they were counting on.
    • Referred to the House Intergovernmental, Urban And Regional Affairs Committee on May 18, 2010.


Re: 2010 House Bill 6180 (Create "uncompleted subdivision" renaissance tax break zones)  by FreeSpeaker on July 21, 2010 

This bill has the cachet of a bailout proposal for selected real estate developers who took and got caught by the risks of doing business.  It stinks.

Re: 2010 House Bill 6180 (Create "uncompleted subdivision" renaissance tax break zones)  by cahinkley on July 21, 2010 

 I asked Mr. Slezak this question. The most he would tell me was that there was one in Davison. A better question would be do any of his family members live in these subdivisions. Nepotism seems to be his MO. The small business hiring bill will help businesses owned by his family, the teacher retirement bill helps his Dad (a retired principal), The non-homestead tax bill helps lower taxkes on the house he and his family owns accross the street from him etc. I do not trust Mr. Slezak or anything he supports.

Re: 2010 House Bill 6180 (Create "uncompleted subdivision" renaissance tax break zones)  by Cromulent on June 17, 2010 

Again, where are these subdivisions? Its not at all clear from this page where to find them.

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