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2009 House Bill 5594: Mandate public schools privatize non-instructional services
  1. Introduced by Rep. David Agema (R) on November 12, 2009, to require public school districts to contract out custodial, transportation and food services. They would have to use competitive bidding to award contracts more than $20,000.
    • Referred to the House Labor Committee on November 12, 2009.


Re: 2009 House Bill 5594 (Mandate public schools privatize non-instructional services )  by snowbear5050 on January 21, 2010 

 I am assuming that with privatization of custodians, there would not be a background check.  If this was a requirement, I think it would be a given no one would check with the company to see if they did do a check.

Consequently, what do you think the consequences would be to keep children in a specific school if there was a sex molestation, or a kidnapping?

We go through drills to keep intruders out, with this new bill, we are opening the doors to most anything happening.  With employees being paid minimum wages for private companies, there would be turnover in employees.  Principals wouldn't be able to keep track of who was wondering their building.

Re: 2009 House Bill 5594 (Mandate public schools privatize non-instructional services )  by lrsgt1 on December 13, 2009 

 Seriously, are you kidding me?  Michigan (the powers that be) can't seem to figure out how to run anything to do with this state. They are always making the wrong choice. When it comes to our schools, they already cut and cut and cut the public schools.  So now, their master plan is to force our schools to outsource (privatize). O.k. so where  in the bill does it say it will somehow save michigan money?  It doesn't, not that i have been able to find.  I am a public school worker and have been for 11 years. I started at a school who had already outsouced.  I was and neither was my son happy with their food services.  Outsourcing is another way of saying " big corportation paying little to their employees and giving the cheapest to our kids".   When does it end?  I have seen things that happen with our food due to companys that don't care.  I now work in a school district that puts the kids first, rather it be bussing, costodial, or food service. I am scared of what will happen when this state thinks it knows best about our kids.  They haven't for decades, but here they are sticking their nose in when they (if anything was broken) are the ones who broke it.   This state has an enormous amount of money from lottery tickets alone that are supposed to go to our schools, but they never, ever account for it.  where is that money?  State of Michigan should be audited to see where all of our kids money is.  (just a thought,  somehow we would pay for that to).  So onto bussing and custodial work.  Really, outsourse those?  I will be driving my child to school and sending him with his own toilet paper and soap, or maybe i'll just home school him.  Oh now I know, thats how Michigan will save money, there wont be no schools.  GOT IT!!!!!!!   

Re: 2009 House Bill 5594 (Mandate public schools privatize non-instructional services )  by fmjinshelby on December 6, 2009 

 This is a terrible bill I worked for the public schools as a school bus driver for 26 years until they privitized this year I cannot tell you how that just devastated me. I lost my insurance and had to leave a place that I  loved working at and the kids that I had know since they we in kindergarden. I also had to leave people who I had seen their children grow and the many different bosses. I couldn't sleep and cried alot. I am a democract and I do not  support this bill. Thank You Michele York from Shelby Twp, Michigan

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