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2009 House Bill 5283: Ban workplace smoking
  1. Introduced by Rep. Timothy Bledsoe (D) on August 26, 2009, to prohibit employers from choosing to allow smoking in their workplace by defining tobacco smoke as an “occupational hazard” under the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act (MIOSHA).
    • Referred to the House Regulatory Reform Committee on August 26, 2009.


Re: 2009 House Bill 5283 (Ban workplace smoking )  by kmassey on September 1, 2009 


Rep. Timothy Bledsoe (D) do you have some scientific training or scientific evidence that would support you politically-motivated assertion?  I would guess not, given the EPA, OSHA, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and many other groups that have been investigating the issue of second-hand smoke do not, you are just blowing smoke.  Focus on the REAL issue, like JOBS for the unemployed in the State.

2009 House Bill 5283 (Ban workplace smoking )  by admin on January 1, 2001 
Introduced in the House on August 26, 2009

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