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2007 Senate Bill 55: Property tax exemption for room additions
  1. Introduced by Sen. John Pappageorge (R) on January 24, 2007, to authorize local governments to exempt new construction on homestead property (room additions on private homes) from property tax payments for up to five years. If a local government allowed it, the exemption would apply to the addition of actual “living area” not more than 50 percent of the size a home under 3,000 square feet, and 25 percent of the size a home larger than 3,000 square feet.
    • Referred to the Senate Finance Committee on January 24, 2007.


Yes  by plumberboy on February 1, 2007 
I think this is a good idea except the five year thing why not exempt the addiition from taxes until the house is sold.I pay 2,000 a year taxes to live on a crapy dirt road in the sticks they get enough money spend it more wisely and make cuts like the real world.

Anonymous  by Anonymous Citizen on January 29, 2007 
This is a terrible idea. Municipalities are struggling enought to increase revenue and you want to take what little they can raise without increases taxes away from them.

2007 Senate Bill 55 (Property tax exemption for room additions )  by admin on January 1, 2001 
Introduced in the Senate on January 24, 2007

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