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2008 House Bill 6270: Restrict school privatization
  1. Introduced by Rep. Doug Bennett (D) on June 19, 2008, to prohibit the privatization of any school function if the savings are less than 10 percent compared to the cost of school employees performing the same function. Also, to require any school district considering privatizing a particular function to undertake extensive procedures for detailed cost and quality analyses, and also to impose extensive disclosure and auditing mandates on any contractor who receives such a contract.
    • Referred to the House Education Committee on June 19, 2008.


Re: If Privatization Is  by crazycajun on February 15, 2009 

 there are three or four things the government SHOULD do, everything else SHOULD be privatized.

let churches handle religion.

let charities handle charity.

let businesses handle business.

let private schools handle education. 

tax what you must, but ONLY what you must, not what you disagree with.

spend frugally, not liberally.

legislate sparingly.

build strongly.

stop trading freedom and liberty for security, comfort, and political correctness.

Re: If Privatization Is  by Michpatriot on February 14, 2009 

[quote user="Anonymous Citizen"]so expensive and not cost effective then why does it scare the heck out of the union bosses and all their comrads?[/quote]

Because they do such a good job of turning out good little useful idiots with great self esteem. They should privatize everything the government does. It would be cheaper and we would get much better service.

Re: 2008 House Bill 6270 (Restrict school privatization )  by crazycajun on February 14, 2009 

 being qualified has EVERYTHING to do with it, but being willing to work for what the new pay is going to be is also important.

people in every community are going to lose jobs. people in communities all over the world lose jobs every day. the INDUSTRIOUS ones go out and get another job.

it's not the job of the state to provide jobs, it's the job of the state to NOT FRIVOLOUSLY SPEND OUR TAX MONEY. i think that unions are a frivolous expense.  if you are in a job that is being paid way too much money for the amount and type of work being performed, then your job is a frivolous waste of taxpayer money.

i'm sorry to be so blunt and so harsh, but those are the facts. pretty soon, every person who fritted away our tax money will be out of a job.

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