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2007 House Bill 4852: Impose new $1.35 monthly phone tax
  1. Introduced by Rep. George Cushingberry (D) on May 24, 2007, to impose a new $1.35 monthly tax on each phone user in the state. The money would be used for various law enforcement-related functions, allowing other tax revenue to be spent on other things.
    • Referred to the House Appropriations Committee on May 24, 2007.


Re: 2007 House Bill 4852 (Impose new $1.35 monthly phone tax )  by citizen concerned on August 25, 2009 

We would like to express our concern on yet another tax on a service that is already taxed (in some cases) to a point that the addition fees or taxes are more than the original service. In our household we manage our budget based on our income. We don't ask for more income when we spend beyond our means. We are opposed to this Bill 4852!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Send people home  by Anonymous Citizen on October 2, 2007 
C'mon! You say "they should have notified the governor!" Didn't you see the blood sucking wench smiling with glee, like she usually is on the news when she was poised to take yet another stab at Michigan taxpayers and the remaining businesses of Michigan. UNLESS GRANHOLM IS SENT HOME SOON, Michigan may not be able to recover from her inept, incompetent, illogical mismanagement of this state's government.

GRABYERMONEY GRANHOLM  by Anonymous Citizen on October 2, 2007 
Hey here's an idea to start to save money in the Michigan budget. Howzabout getting rid of the Michigan taxpayer paid STAFF that her husband Dan Mulhern has, especially that $100,000 plus, administrative assistant (glorified secretary)! What kind of work does she do for that kind of money?
Nobody in this state voted for Mulhern and nobody in this state should have to pay for his perks!

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