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2007 House Bill 4249: No adverse possession if taxes paid
  1. Introduced by Rep. Joel Sheltrown (D) on February 13, 2007, to establish that a person may not claim “adverse possession” of a parcel of land on which the owner of record has regularly paid property taxes. “Adverse possession” is the process by which a person claims title to real estate by virtue of having occupied the property in a way that is “open, notorious, exclusive and adverse to the claims of other persons to the title.” Depending on the circumstances, the occupancy must be for between five and 15 years.
    • Referred to the House Judiciary Committee on February 13, 2007.


Re: you mean the  by likeiseeit on March 15, 2010 

You seem to forget that anyone born in this country that is not a Native Amercian has benifited in some way or another including you from "Adverse Possession".  This country is founded on it. The only difference is that now we say you have to wait 5 to 15 years where as before the founding fathers would just kill whom ever was already there.  You might even say well you know what that happened before I was thought of but it doesn't change the fact that you have benifited from it.  The fact that Native Americans live tax free completely is only a small price we all pay for living on their land and claiming to own it because we pay tax on it to a goverment that only exist because of "Adverse Possession". If the first settlers here had come to be visiters and not killers, liers, and theives they would more then likely still be in conroll of this land and it would not be misuesed.  Remember by what means you have come to live here and show some resepect.  I know this post comes 3 years after your orignial comment but I hope that you will by some means read it and really think about it.  This was not to jump on you but only to be truthfull. 

Settle Down  by Anonymous Citizen on October 14, 2008 
Your neighbor may know the land but your friend should have known her own property lines and taken action. Chances are she had 15 years to do it. What took her so long.

i dont get it  by Anonymous Citizen on August 28, 2008 
the entire united states is based on Adverse possession (homesteading,land squatting)what ever you want to call it.there are many lands and house in Michigan that have been abandon for many many years.If you lost your land over a hunting blind you should have gotten a better lawyer becuase a hunting blind doesnt meet the burdon for Adverse possession the person has to have active control of the land and using it for 15 years .the act of hunting the land doesnt meet that unless there living in the blind.also if in 15 years you dont notice someone using your land um why are you complaining you didnt care the last 15 years.Next make sure you check your property line i bet most of you be surpised to find out you are using part of someone else property.

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