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2007 House Bill 4137: Ban foreclosure on elderly or disabled property tax delinquents
  1. Introduced by Rep. Bert Johnson (D) on January 25, 2007, to prohibit foreclosure by local government property tax collectors on the homes of senior citizens or handicapped persons for delinquent taxes.
    • Referred to the House Senior Health, Security and Retirement Committee on January 25, 2007.


Very good idea...  by Anonymous Citizen on February 2, 2007 
I'm 67--guess I'm in the senior bracket. As of the next tax due date, I just stop paying my taxes. Deal? Sounds OK to me!!

Read this before you support it  by Anonymous Citizen on January 31, 2007 
Have you read this bill? What it does is have the State pay the taxes and get a lien on the property equal to the taxes paid -- a first lien. True, a property wouldn't be foreclosed, but it couldn't be sold without paying the state lien. So instead of being able to work with family, church or the local county treasurer to get an extension so the taxes can be paid, the state steps in, pays the taxes and becomes a lien holder on the property -- up to 90% of their equity can be lost to the state under this bill. I'm not sure it's such a good thing. Under current law, property owned by people living in financial hardships or owned by mentally or physically disabled peopld can be withheld from foreclosure while payments are worked out. I'm not sure it's better to eliminate that local contact and replace it with a one-size-fits all Statewide solution.

Pass this one on!  by Anonymous Citizen on January 31, 2007 
We should pass this on to friends and family to send their support. This should be law without a doubt. A person works hard all their life and then becomes disabled or elderly and poof - everything is taken by the government. Yes, make this a law for sure!!!!!

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