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2006 House Bill 6451: Revise school bus stop requirements
  1. Introduced by Rep. Paul Condino (D) on September 12, 2006, to revise the law that requires drivers to stop 20 feet from a school bus that has stopped and is displaying two alternately flashing red lights, to instead require drivers to stop as soon as the bus begins flashing these lights, and also to remove the requirement that the lights be red.
    • Referred to the House Transportation Committee on September 12, 2006.


HB 6451  by Anonymous Citizen on November 27, 2006 
As a school bus driver, I tink this law if passed, would only confuse drivers. Every day I have put my lights on at the required distance; first the yellows then the reds when the door is opened. (It's automatic, the yellows turn to red when the door is opened). Most of the cars traveling towards me stop in time before I am stopped, however, if they must stop whenever the alternating lights come on, they may be in the way of my kids who get on or off at that stop. It used to be all schoo busses just had red lights, then the state required them to have yellows and reds. Legislators—pick one system and stick with it! Quuit wasting our money!

stop  by Anonymous Citizen on September 20, 2006 
this change does nothing.How about mounting cameras that will activate when lights are flashing.. Rotate the buses to different routes and prosecute fools that don’t stop. They will say….lack of funds in the schools….Use the money from the LOTTO!!!!!!

unfortunately  by Anonymous Citizen on September 20, 2006 
Yes, it would appear simple, however it's not. People do run the red lights of school buses regularly all over Michigan and the U.S. - That being said, this bill is NOT the way to work on that. THIS BILL actually will confuse more drivers and law enforcement.

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