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2006 House Bill 6446: Move up kindergarten age deadline
  1. Introduced by Rep. Leslie Mortimer (R) on September 7, 2006, to move up from December 1 to September 1 the date by which a child must turn five years old in order to attend kindergarten. The new date would be phased in gradually, moving up one month each year starting in the 2007-2008 school year.
    • Referred to the House Education Committee on September 7, 2006.


Kindergarten Teacher POV  by Anonymous Citizen on February 26, 2007 
I hope more than anything that this bill passes. I have lived in many states including Nebraska, Kansas, and Texas, and never have I encountered such an issue! It is about time Michigan joined the rest of the United States in properly educating its students!

cut-off date  by mcelhone on December 13, 2006 
Thank God the date is moving up! But not fast enough! I have November & December birthday boys and there will be too many "young" kids in their classes if this doesn't pass - how can they learn anything, when the teacher is dealing with immaturity issues? My almost 5-year-old is already dealing with that in pre-school.

kindergarten  by Anonymous Citizen on November 30, 2006 
I am a kindergarten teacher. Finally the cut-off date will be moved up. Ohio's date is earlier than ours.

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