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2006 House Bill 6419: Allow operations millage increases in "hold harmless" school districts
  1. Introduced by Rep. Edward Gaffney (R) on September 6, 2006, to allow Proposal A "hold-harmless" school districts, which are those whose 1995 foundation allowance was $6,500 or greater, to seek increases in property tax millages levied for school operations, despite the prohibition on such millage increase elections imposed by Proposal A. These districts could increase taxes to raise their foundation allowance to a level that would match the rate of inflation.
    • Referred to the House Appropriations Committee on September 6, 2006.


right?  by Anonymous Citizen on April 4, 2007 

In read and write
Would it not be write instead of right?
Seems this person skipped school altogether.

Wrong  by Anonymous Citizen on December 12, 2006 
We have a system where the teachers union wins and most others lose. Talk to a teenager about history....most are very ignorant. I guess this helps the socialist agenda but I don't see much "education".

Simple answers to that 2  by Anonymous Citizen on December 12, 2006 
Who ever wrote the bit about Thomas Jefferson and public education is completely wrong. Please know your history before posting.

Thomas Jefferson did not want public education for all. He wanted an elitist system were only the rich were educated.

Noah Webster (the dictionary guy) wanted a system where all people were educated.

What system do we have now?

Noah won Jefferson lost.

Please check your history before babbling online.

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