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2006 House Bill 5709: Expand school "sinking fund" uses
  1. Introduced by Rep. Tom Casperson (R) on February 16, 2006, to allow school districts to use “sinking fund” taxes to purchase school buses and to acquire, install, or equip school buildings for "technology," which is narrowly defined in the bill to exclude software and training. Under current law, sinking funds are permanent funds that may be used only for the purchase of land, or construction and (major) repair of school buildings.
    • Referred to the House Education Committee on February 16, 2006.


Use sinking fund properly  by trudger on July 10, 2006 
What good is a school better equipped for technology if software to be used with it and trained people to instruct students how to use it aren't available? It may look good for annual reports to say how many computers are in a school but there is nothing to say they are only used to run old software.

You might as well propose to give bus drivers helicopters with no training.

If you as a representative think money for the techonology is important, fund it. Get some guts.

I would support this ONLY if the new buses were SAFER for the ENVIRONMENT  by Anonymous Citizen on May 27, 2006 
Think of how much pollution goes into the air from SCHOOL BUSES. EVERY DAY! Global warming?

2006 House Bill 5709 (Expand school "sinking fund" uses )  by admin on January 1, 2001 
Introduced in the House on February 16, 2006

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