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2006 House Bill 5635: Protect school districts from test distribution sanctions
  1. Introduced by Rep. Michael Sak (D) on February 3, 2006, to require the Department of Education to work with school districts and the federal government to ensure that no school district suffers any sanctions due to logistical or distribution problems related to the state MEAP or other required student assessment tests.
    • Referred to the House Education Committee on February 3, 2006.


No, the state really keeps us hanging on MEAP materials.  by Anonymous Citizen on April 25, 2006 
We don't bank on their arrival.

Vouchers  by Anonymous Citizen on February 13, 2006 
Vouchers are not the answer to the woes of the educational system. Do you really think that removing money and students from struggling schools will improve those schools? This is what will happen -- the parents who are typically involved and concerned in the schools will take their kids and leave. Then, all the people who work with the teachers and administration to improve a school will be gone leaving, guess who -- the parents and children who couldn't care less about education. If you really want to improve education, how about -- join the PTA and/or school board, volunteer in the classroom (if your schedule permits), read to your child every day, supervise homework, turn the TV/GameBoy off, be a mentor for a kid who has less than stellar parents.

How About  by Anonymous Citizen on February 13, 2006 
Giving the teachers union a boot. How about letting the voucher programs work. If the government just gave the $7500 or whatever they spend the every kid and let them choose where they go to school you would see the good teachers and the good schools prosper. Our kids would get a better education and the bad schools and lazy teachers would be out of work. I can't understand why the good teachers and their union make excuses for lousy teachers and schools.

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