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2006 House Bill 5616: Require school bullying policies
  1. Introduced by Rep. Glenn Anderson (D) on January 31, 2006, to require school districts to have a bullying policy that at a minimum defines bullying, prescribes consequences, and establishes an investigation procedure.
    • Referred to the House Education Committee on January 31, 2006.


How to stop a bully  by Anonymous Citizen on June 11, 2008 
Here's my idea for stopping bullying: Gouge out their eyes and cut out their tongues. (Or, to be humane, they can be muzzled and blindfolded while at school.) Then they can't abuse anyone verbally, and they can't hit anyone without being hit back. Plus, they would be a natural target for all other bullies, who could be detected by surveillance and given the same treatment.

sexual bullying  by Anonymous Citizen on June 11, 2008 
From my experiences in the late 80s and early 90s, ANY boy perceived as different in ANY way will be frequently called a homosexual or a girl. It was also my experience that this kind of thing was rampant by 4th grade, which is presumably too early for sexual orientation to manifest either way. My theory is that it is "reverse Freudianism": Kids use sexual issues (or TERMS, which they may not even understand) as code words for their real concerns (stupid, unpopular, etc, etc). A few more things from my experience:
1. A lot of the sexual bullying was from 6th graders, and I suspect this was part of how this behavior spread to lower grades. I approve of schools which send 6th graders up to jr high; that way, their problems at puberty can't be foisted on younger kids.
2. Verbal abuse by girls did not include sexual terms.
3. At the time, my school imposed no penalties whatsoever for verbal abuse. If there is anything about school discipline which should be mandated by federal law, it is that verbal abuse is punished along with physical attacks.

swirlies  by Anonymous Citizen on March 22, 2008 
My friend this extends well beyond swilrlies. Remember Colombine? This is assuaults, beatings, emotional torture and cyber stalking. This is not a few pushes and shoves or giggling or swirlies in the bathroom. It is time for YOU to grow up and realise this is NOT about whining it's about a generation of children facign violence every single day when they should be getting an education. It's so sad to read such hatred and ignorance. What are the people in this state thinking. Such anger, such hate, such uncaring for fellow human beings. You don't make our state proud by your comments. You shame us.

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