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2004 Senate Bill 1250: Create light pollution study board
  1. Introduced by Sen. Liz Brater (D) on May 19, 2004, to create a state outdoor lighting study board to investigate the establishment and likely effect of new laws to limit “light pollution,” which is “excessive and misdirected outdoor lighting” that wastes energy, causes excessive glare that is dangerous for drivers, and “deprives most residents of the beauty of the starry night sky and of nighttime cloud patterns”.
    • Referred to the Senate Technology and Energy Committee on May 19, 2004.


Light Polution  by Anonymous Citizen on December 11, 2004 
Such legislation to control light polution is a very good idea. Yard lamps and parking lot lighting should be focused downward and the lamps should be shrouded in such a way as to limit the indiscriminate spred of light to neighboring vicinities.

This is an efficient way to address a common Quality of Life issue.  by Friend of Michigan on May 25, 2004 
Clear guidelines will give local governments and concerned citizens the data and best-practices recommendations they need to counter light trespassers and thereby preserve the quality of Michigan communities. If this were done at the state level, local communities would not have to do it redundantly. This would be much more efficient, save time and money at the local level, and result in a better quality of life throughout Michigan.

Light Polution?  by Robinsonforstaterepin68th on May 24, 2004 
What are you doing with taxpayers time? To worry about "Light Polution" in times of budget crises when we need to solve fiscal, educational, and medical finance problems is a detriment to our great State and needs to be curbed.

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