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2004 House Bill 6042: Designate milk as an "official beverage"
  1. Introduced by Rep. Frank Accavitti, Jr. (D) on June 23, 2004, to designate milk as an "official beverage" of this state.
    • Referred to the House Government Operations Committee on June 23, 2004.


concerned citizen  by Anonymous Citizen on February 28, 2005 
This is one of the stupidest ideas I have ever seen. This Representative makes one good case for a part-time legislature.

Got Beer?  by Anonymous Citizen on July 13, 2004 
MILK the official drink of Michigan? What kind of goody two-shoes la-la land do these legislators live in? Tell that to the U.P. snowmobilers cruising from bar to bar on sub-zero nights. Tell it to the generations of blue collar autoworkers stopping off for a cold one after their shift. Tell it to Oakland County's brie-and-Chablis set. Too bad Stroh's is gone. Not that the state has any business declaring an "official drink" anyway (what would be the penalty for violations? forced to drink milk?), but that would make the task of selecting a "state beverage" easy!

Equal Protection violation  by Anonymous Citizen on July 13, 2004 
The audacity of the legislature to even submit this bill to a committee! Those who are allergic and/or opposed to milk and its by-products would be forced to accept this deplorable white substance as the official drink? Preposterous, I tell you. Absolutely preposterous.

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