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2003 House Bill 5065: Require citizen-initiated school territory transfers
  1. Introduced by Rep. Shelley Goodman Taub (R) on September 24, 2003, to require an intermediate school board to transfer territory from a school district to another contiguous district if a majority of the resident property owners in the territory to be transferred sign petitions, if the board of the school district to which the territory is to be attached approves, and if the transfer is approved by a majority of the voters in the territory to be transferred.
    • Referred to the House Education Committee on September 24, 2003.


Race isn't the issue.  by Anonymous Citizen on February 8, 2005 
I am not African American, yet my children go to Pontiac Schools and I live in Auburn Hills. This is about equal education, not making the euqity on my home go up. I fight in "MY" school district for the education "MY" children deserve. Why can't you? If you want a better education for your children why haven't you fought for it? If the answer is to put them in a different school then move. We don't need your tax money any more than your presense in our district. Let someone who wants to fight for the school buy your house.

County School Districts  by Anonymous Citizen on February 8, 2005 
If it doesn't make sense, then change the system where it needs to be changed. Make a single parity of taxes across an entire County and make the County lines the school district boundaries. There are few if any towns/cities that can cross County lines, so remove the extra administrative staffs and put more teachers in the schools. Why have a County Board of Education, Higher Learning Board of Education, and District Boards of Education, when you could have just one. Stop playing politics with our tax money and give all children the respect and education they deserve.

Then move.  by Anonymous Citizen on February 8, 2005 
Why didn't you move in to the Plymouth-Canton School District?

Oh yeah, it was probably too expensive. Can't have it both ways.

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